I was wondering if adding the alexa widget to our sites will increase the alexa ranking.

My site gets over 5000 uniques a day but alexa ranks my site a miserable 216+ thousand.

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I would definitley not say that 216,000 is not good a good ranking. That is well in the top 1% of traffic in terms of all total websites. My website gets about 150 unique visitors per day and 500 page impressions. My alexa ranking is just inside 1 million. However, my website is only 11 months old. I have not had a lot of time to build links yet.

Alexa ranking is based on the no of visitors site is getting with alexa installed on them.
Alexa ranking mainly increse due to asian traffic as far as i know.
Didn't did much research on that.

Anybody here with roughly 5000 unique visitors a day? What's your alexa ranking?

I have a blog and i get approximately 100 - 200 vistors per day. My site is 5 months old and have got alexa rank some thing 3960,546.
If you have 5000 visitors a day, then you should have good alexa rank. Should not it?

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I don't know... I'm hating alexa for not giving me a good rank lol

Not a big fan of Alexa ranking. The traffic info it gives are totally inaccurate and misleading. Focus on getting a good SERP instead.

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