Plancast is the Future... literally

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Foursquare is so hung up on where we are now or where we've been... Never fear, Plancast is here to fill the void in the location-based future social networking space. Actually, it's much cooler than that, and it's beginning to pick up steam. As its name infers, Plancast is all about broadcasting your plans, just to friends or to the entire world. Think of it as a sweet combination between Twitter and an events calendar.

It also has nifty mapping features, integrates well with Facebook and Twitter and comes as an app for iPhone or Android. To see one of the best examples of Plancast at work, check out Robert Scoble's (of Scobleizer fame) page .

Plancast's parent company, Worldly Developments, is made up of former TechCrunch blogger Mark Hendrickson and programmer Jay Marcyes. Since opening a public beta in late 2009, they received a lot of attention at South by Southwest in March and $800,000 in seed funding. In the ensuing months, the site has continued to grow, announcing an API earlier this summer, and receiving an ever-increasing amount of attention. This week, Ford even Plancasted its new Ford Explorer reveal in New York's Herald Square.

The obvious reaction may be "why do we need another online planning tool?" John Greene at Springwise points out the key Plancast advantage:

...most of those tend to focus on formal ones; when it's just drinks and dinner being planned, Plancast is there to help make it happen.

Expect to see further integration options for Plancast soon with apps like Google Calendar and others.

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