Code search company Krugle on July 8 will begin shipping Krugle Enterprise 2.3, an update to its code repository appliance that it claims now allows more fine-tuned searching, increased storage and search capacity and the ability to search using custom data fields.

Krugle positions its enterprise search appliance as a means to maximize reuse of source code and related resources with little change to development practices. It also maintains, a two-billion line central repository amassed from more than 500 open source repositories., which is free, is a way to help your team avoid having to reinvent the wheel whenever they need a common function.

“When all working parts of the development eam can see the whole pitcure, the cost benefits are amazing,” said Mel Badgett, vice president of product management at Krugle. “These updates to Krugle Entrerprise enhance functionality our clients are already using to derive the most value from their code.” Krugle’s clients include IBM DeveloperWorks, CollabNet, and the Yahoo Developer Network.

Enhanced search functions include the ability to scan for multiple lines of code, resulting in “ranked lists of exact and approximate matches,” which Krugle says permits developers to identify similar code across multiple branches or releases. Also new is the ability to add custom data fields against which to search code files in the index. “This allows users to extend the code file search capabilities with custom qualifiers, like file identifiers and links to other resources,” the company said.

The other major enhancement in Krugle Enterprise 2.3 is support for four-drive configurations, which increases per-appliance search capacity to more than 10 billion lines of code. There’s also new caching and processing methods for handling duplicate code modules, according to company documents. Pricing was not disclosed.