I used for three days the stats from a site that shows out clicks and my clicks on ads were about three to four times higher than the clicks in Adsense stats. Every day the same thing. Does anyone know why? I work every day at my site and I make about 100-150 impressions, this could be a reason?

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The stats are wrong. Adsense do filter obvious invalid clicks as well.

Is there a way to determine from where are comming the invalid clicks so I can ban that ip? My CTR is very low, only 0.50 and I suspect that google consider real clicks as invalid is this because i make about 100-150 impressions daily when I work at my site?


i think google makes the ultimate decision, so even if you had another set of stats showing different results, i dont think it would make a difference. Google doesnt count invalid clicks so, maybe your clicks are invalid?


Could it also be that your google link is only to your front page whereas your site stats register clicks to ALL your pages?

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