What is grey hat seo?

It's not quite black hat, not quite white hat.

It's somewhere in the subjective middle

It's not quite black hat, not quite white hat.

If you are doing something that is Grey Hat, Google is probably already working on a way to stop the exlpoit.

Its something in between good pratice and bad practice. Something in between that may be acceptable.

Just remember that if its grey hat - it may quickly become black hat than white hat. So be cautious and careful.

A white hat SEO concentrates on the on-site raking factors. Of significance in this response are the internal linking structures. The white hat maximizes on a web site's linking structure (how and where web pages within interlink). When needed, a white hat will often create his own off-site factors by incorporating a blog or even another web sites when justifiable but he'll work those webpages in such a way that his off-site factors become on-site factors. A white hat builds a web page and the rest is up to the Internet. He doesn't hunt down links. Links come naturally, as they were originally intended to derive. In every keyphrase race there's a white hat in the black swamp, every one. White hats can play with the big black boys, and live to play another day and the next and...

In today's seemingly unstoppable trendy way, most grey hat SEOs and almost all black hat search engine optimizers manipulate off-site factors, in particular their link popularity. By boosting up their own link popularity, I mean the artificial increase in the volume, value and relevancy of links pointing to the webpages. The more an SEO empowers his SERP performance in this way, the darker the shade of hats he wears. In the link scheming game, the grey hat is an amateur.

Whenever you have a professional link builder, with powerful incoming link strategies, coupled with decent on-site search engine optimization skills then you have a dark black hat. He's darkest not only because of his ability to cheat successfully; to manipulate the search engine and acquire qualified traffic undeservedly, but because of the exceptional content, can appear to have cleanly played the game; has no trouble maintain the illusion of a pristine corporate image; yet he's a fraudster. I know those are harsh words but essentially link schemers swindle ethical players out of ranking. Cheat for ranking is frequently tantamount to cheating another web page out of business. The search engine is supposed to provide the best result for the search, not the most manipulated result and grey to black exploits this bizarre loophole that never closes.

Grey hat Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the combination of both black hat SEO and white hat SEO techniques. This means that often a grey hat SEO approach combines both ethical and unethical SEO tactics.

A grey hat SEO approach contains less risk of being penalised by Google than black hat SEO techniques but is not as favourable as white hat SEO.

Grey Hat SEO is in between White Hat and Black Hat.