Will Netbook Users Embrace Google?

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At the end of May, Computerworld reported that Asus, one of the early Netbook success stories had all but given up on Linux Netbooks. This was telling because the Asus Eee (of which I own one) has a very nice, simple-to-navigate interface. It starts up fairly quickly and has long battery life, but even the simple tabbed interface was apparently too hard for users raised on Windows. It got me thinking, if this simple version of Linux failed, how will Google's Chrome OS, inspired by Linux fare any better?

Linux is a Tough Sell

Even though it will carry a Google Chrome OS label, at its core, it will be Linux. Nothing wrong with that, but consumers have rejected that proposition before. Just because it carries Google's name is no guarantee that consumers will embrace it any more than they did on other attempts to package desktop Linux.

I also own an HP Mini running Windows XP. It has all of the issues you would expect with a Windows machine.

It starts up slowly. It hangs for no reason. It eats battery surprisingly quickly. My Asus Eee on the other hand running Linux is rock solid. It has occasional issues, but for the most part runs fairly well. Yet people seem to trust the devil they know. They are more comfortable with Microsoft Windows for whatever reason and I'm not sure even Google's brand name is going to change that.

Look at the Phone Market

When Android came out everyone was sure an open source phone OS with Google's backing would take the market by storm, but the first offering, the G1, was nothing to write home about and so far at least no phone running the Google Android OS seems to have captured the imagination of the cell phone buying public in a big way like say the iPhone or the Palm Pre have. Just because Google has put a lot of time and effort into developing Android and put its good name behind it, it still has struggled to this point to find a substantial market share.

All That Glitters is Not Gold

This proves that everything Google touches doesn't necessarily turn to gold. Many people may see this as Google's ultimate attempt at world domination, but it may be nothing more than another experiment by a company that has never been afraid to try new things. If it works, it gives them more control of our computing lives than they probably ever imagined, but if it fails they still dominate search, which is after all their core competency.

One aspect of this I find interesting is that it seems people are rooting for Bing because they want a check on Google and people seem to want to believe Chrome OS will challenge Windows because they want a check on Microsoft.

Regardless of what people want, the market will determine if there is room for a Google operating system, and if there is, if it presents any more of a challenge to Microsoft's desktop dominance than Bing poses to Google's search dominance.

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I think that Asus failed with Linux distribution on EEE PC because it was far too much limited distribution of Linux. I have been working with EEE PC for a while and I am realizing an outreach project in elementary school using also these Netbooks. Even for children 10-12 years old the interface offered is too limited. My young students are expecting more options and freedom in dealing with OS (On Asus you can not even edit menu easily). The set of options provided is very reasonable but definitely it is not what people expect after fully functional computer. I personally believe that OSs interfaces should be simplified but should not limit the user in any way. If Chrome OS would be able to fulfill these expectations it might be very successful.

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I think actually Chrome will be even simpler based on the descriptions. It's job as I understand is to get you to the browser and get you online. There will be very little in the way of customization or even an OS as we traditionally think about it. I'm not convinced that the Asus form of Linux failed because it was too simple, but that's an interesting idea.

Thanks again for the comment.


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There will be no Linux visible to any user. They will only see the Google Chrome. It will be like swapping it when they were not looking!

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What about Meego The Full fledged Linux Distro Specially designed for Low Resources in Conjunction with Intel and Nokia with other Big companies backing it up such as Novell. With http://radicalbreeze.com/?page_id=102 touting to be a programming language that anyone can create programs with.

This puts Android and Qt Based Linux distros at an advantage.

Techwriter10 42 Practically a Posting Shark

I wrote this post a year ago. Meego didn't exist at that time, but you're right it is a good alternative at this point.

Thanks for commenting,

finito 46 Nearly a Posting Virtuoso

Sorry didn't notice. Good article for the date then

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