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Displacing one web site in Google SERPs (search engine results pages) simply means that another one will takes its place.

Even if Mr Cuban was to influence the top 1000 web sites, they account for such a huge variety of keyphrase sectors that he would only be slicing a miniscule piece of the Internet pie in many, many keyphrase competitions. This type of scheme could have a significant impact in the search engine world but he'd have to stay focused on only one sector at a time.

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It's not a child's game. I don't like this.

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If I were Google, I'd sit back and watch them do it. The top 1,000 sites are nothing. Don't forget, each site is in an industry. So maybe, you get the top 3 of each industry to move over (maybe!). The other 7 players who aren't offered the money to move over are going to laugh as the traffic comes their way.

Also, the top 1000 sites are HUGE. Amazon, IBM, HP, etc. 1 million to leave Google? Please. They probably make as much in a month from Google. You'd have to make it a recurring payment to even make it worthwhile.

A million is nothing when you're talking about that size.

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1 million dollars would not be enough. The lifetime value of lost traffic would have to be calculated and paid. ... on the other hand, maybe that traffic would come to these sites through other means

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