I have several ad groups with keywords that should be getting Tons of traffic - hundreds of clicks per day according to estimates in several search engines. My position is First Page, very high bids, maximum budget, and the ads are targeted to the keywords (I have recently trimmed down my list according to an advise I read), No Negatives, No quality score issues.
These keywords are duplicated in another campaign but with a different geo targeting (one for all the US and one for selected cities), and much lower bids.
My keywrods usually share at least 2 terms so they are pretty relevant to each other.
Still, I am getting Very Small Number of Impressions, 10-30 per day!
What could be the reason for this?
Does google give me low exposure because my campaign is new?
BTW - adwords support could not tell me what is wrong.

It sounds like you might have a budget problem. Make sure you are using Google's recommended budget or have checked accelarated delivery.

Otherwise do an ads diagnostic periodically for the keyword you're bidding on to make sure your ads are showing all the time.

nop, my bydget is maximized according to google.
the ads are showing.

could it be a kind of sandbox because my campaign is new?

This is the problem with bidding on keywords and that business model in my opinion. You can have exposure on Google, Ask and about 20 others without bidding on keyword or bidding on page placement...unlimited keywords because this website is the biggest customer of yahoo and google. by the way, thats why you will never get the placement you want on the big ones. email me if you want to know about how this website works.

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