This site << url snipped >> hasn't been indexed by major search engines like google yet. it is like 3 months old i think. can anyone explain where it has gone wrong? Thank you.

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Have you notified Google, Yahoo or other search engines that you have a site? If not I think it is time for you to let them know.

To submit to google you can use this page :

To submit to yahoo you can use this page :

Google has a nice tool for SEO specially designed for Webmasters called Webmaster Central use it. It is really cool tool a webmaster should always use :

Now the cynic would say the opening comment was an attempt at backlinks ;)
Reveals 71 pages indexed
So the problem must have been fixed

I didn't wanted to disclose my site at all. Anyways, yeah the discussion pages were indexed. I am concerned about the main site; it is not getting indexed for some reason.

You need to get backlinks for your homepage also check robots.txt file, there may be something wrong with it.
You have good number of backlink to your homepage from (your signature) still have to get many more such quality links.

Review your contents and your keywords.. That's all i can to say for now....

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