Hello friends,

I have registered my website on all top search engines. The web pages are content rich but still don’t have expected traffic. How can I increase traffic?


Please prefer to <snip URL> you will get all what you need to increase your traffic ranking.

I know it is a huge document but please be patient you will get success.


Social bookmarking can help you also in getting traffic.

Have a look at teh videos at SiteSell. Do not buy, just watch the videos. (not affiliate, not paid by them)

Using some automated software to get your site in a better ranking is not advisable. This may cause your site to be ban.

work on networking sites and create networks in your expertise areas.

Hello friends,

I have registered my website on all top search engines. The web pages are content rich but still don’t have expected traffic. How can I increase traffic?

First of all you got to analyze your meta tags. Second write informative and unique content for every page.
You have to do all this and will have very good traffic results:
- Post newsgroups
- Press releases
- Article submission
- Reciprocal Links
- Forum Posting
- Directory submission
- Banners Exchange

And you got to try with PPC(Pay Per Click).

Or you can choose a professional SEO company.
It's up to you.

Good Luck!

How do people submit press releases to?

I understand the concept of posting updated information your website but I am not sure who to go about posting a news release. Assuming you create the new release yourself, does it cost anything to submit a news release?


It needs some specific steps in right direction to get traffic to your website.Just update your content regularly as search engines sees that work on the site is continuously going on.Also linking to good sites ,blogs, forums will really listed you good rank in search engines indirectly boost up trafffic to your site.

You can always use traffic boosters. They are software with limited(alexa booster) or no

installation(increasesiterating) both relay on increasing the numbers of the total page visits and unique

page views

hmm ok i have my own opinion in this thing. u shud find a relevant site to ur site's topic and advertise on it. for example my site is an art site and i generate 90% of my traffic from deviant art. but dont spam plz. use it in ur signatures or sumthing.
i hope it helps


As we all know that there are lots of techniques to promote a website.
But below are some main points to increase the traffic...

1. Press Release Submission
2. Article Submission
3. Social Bookmarking
4. Forum Posting

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Hey Hary,

In my opinion you do not need to spend cash to get top results on google or any other search engine. Many people talk about pay per click or linking other sites. We have several web sites all are designed around the key words that your potential coustomers are going to search to reference the web site. So I would start there put yourself in the mind of the consumer and think what you would type in to find your site. Then make sure you referrence those words frequently in the website. The spiders that search engines use to find your site take alot into consideration when listing the results. Everything on your whole site from the title to the name of the pics has to do with what keywords your coustomers are typing into google to locate sites like your.

Best of luck

Hi i found today something called twitterbig you have to pay but i have confidence in it so far get a normal twitter account then you link it to twitter big.
basically if you sell sex toys like me i put in normal twitter (sex toys) i find all people selling sex toys mainly then you look at all the people following them they will be the people intrested in sex toys twitter big automatically does this makes friends automatically watches competition and heeps more if you having problem with backlinks send me a private msg and i will link with you if you like?

Just simple Do you local search engine, classified and local business directory list your web site included all information included as a Firm name, address, PH no etc.

Submit your website url in social bookmarking sites. Make articles, press release etc. Also, popular your site in social networking sites.

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