if you didn't know about.

Free LINK!!!


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DaniWeb is listed :)

Thanks Rex, does it require a recip?

Considering I didn't link back to them and my link is still posted, I'd assume not. :)

Thanks Rex, does it require a recip?

Nope. I've had some forums listed for awhile and never had to post a recip. Most of the pages actually have a PR too...which is unusual for so many directories you see now-a-days :)

hahaha - FREE LINK!!!

I just get a vision of crazed internet nerds running to the nearest keyboard. Kinda like when malmart had a 25 dollar DVD player this year... lots of ladies in moomoos kncking eachother over in a frenzy to get the units.

Very nice I will have to add my forums there.

And don't forget the DaniWeb Directory, hehe :)

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