Please help me! I seem to have fallen into a google slump. In April, the site was redone with a new navigation scheme. Soon after, the latest version of my mod_rewrite hack was applied, which changed around a bunch of the links. (More stuff was mod_rewritten than ever before). At the same time, I decided to take the plunge and buy some high PR sitewide links for the first time. (Up until now, I was all natural). However, the number of pages I have indexed has been steadily declining - from 250,000 to 150,000 in just a matter of weeks. What can I do to rectify this? Will it sort itself out on its own once Google gets a grip of my new site navigation and eliminates duplicate pages?

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google will eventually catch on to the redesign and unindex the indexed pages once it realizes they dont exist anymore. it also will eventually adapt to the new setup. you have to give google time to catch on;)

Well here's the thing. It's not that there are pages in its index that don't exist anymore. It's just that I've been playing around with mod_rewrite so much that it has valid URLs that I simply no longer use! So it's probably going crazy over duplicate content right now :(

hi all

its true that u have to give google some more time to get them ^_^

and also if you said that ...... It's just that I've been playing around with mod_rewrite so much that it has valid URLs that I simply no longer use

and i think this is it u did some changes so u have to wait and it iwll get them so soon :)

google values ur website which most likely wont give you a duplicate content penatly, it will just disregard one of pages most likely.

Well Google has been spidering like crazy yesterday and today. We made it back up to 200,000 pages indexed, and not done crawling yet! Right now 850 people are viewing the site and I am pretty confident at least 300 of them are spiders. (I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing!) Gee, I sure hope Google values us! Heavens knows I value them! ;)

Just the next day and 215,000 pages indexed - and a consistant 800+ peeps on the site, with a 15 min session timeout :)

Update: We now have half a million pages indexed by Google :) Woot!

Google is going nuts with their indexing...recaching my sites everyday! Keep adding that new content. :evil:

We're up to nearly a million ourselves. I don't know what's up with Google. Do they just love us or what? I sure hope this isn't either a G bug or a dream! Good luck as well, webvicious!

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