I am going to give here 3 tips about Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ). Most of user here know that SEO is a ''MUST'' for websites and blogs. If you need targeted traffic to your website you have to play with seo. Your goal is to be on top 10. search results if you need a maximum exposure.
Target traffic can increase your traffic and eventually can increase your profit ( if you use ads in your blogs )
Below i will write 3 tips how to make more money by search engine optimization:

1. Use relevant keywords. Keyword is the main key in SEO. be sure that you use your main keyword in title, header and secription tags. it would be better if you use your main keyword in your domain name too ;). However never abuse with your keywords, make it looks natural so you will not be tagged as a kewords abused by search engine spiders. you can use Adwords keywords suggestion tool to find the ones you need and the ones who are less competitive.

2. Obtain inbound links.
The easiest way to earn inbound links these days is through article marketing where you have to write quality articles and submit them to publishing sites. You also can use your link in your signature in forums ( like i am doing here , check out my signature )

3. reciprocal linking campaign. Make a research from internet and find website relevant to your and ask the owners or webmaster to exchange reciprocal links with you. But before do this you must have a well established website with quality conent

Hope this tips will help you a little bit more...
note : i was going to post this in my blog, but after i thought, why not post it in daniweb, so others can be nocited for this, cause it will be less noticed in my blog.
note 2 : sorry for any error in english language, and my blog url i was going to post this is surarticle.com

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Very good information for those new to SEO ideas. I work extensively with the article marketing tip myself. For others who want to maximize the benefits of article marketing, I would add to use Squidoo, Hubpages and similar spots to include in your efforts. These both have decent traffic and rankings on their own which can help boost the ranking of your site.

Press release is also a good method, make it newsworthy.

You are a obviously a link schemer and not anything remotely resembling a search engine optimizer. SEO deals mostly with on-site factors of webpages and not with artificially empowering web content externally.

I don't agree thats SEO Deals only with on site factors and not external links. Search engine opitmisation in practical terms deals with all issues concerned with improving a websites visibility on search engines on site as well as off-site. We all know that external links is probably one of the most crucial factors that will ultimately decide which websites rank higher on search engines. I think gdi has rightly pointed out the above main search engine optimisation techniques.

Can you read? It deals mostly with, not only with. Don't misquote me to think I said something else. A frequent tactic that previous SEO ethics compeititors use (... storming through here, snug in their schemin' heads, think they got one over canadafred, search engine optimizers my ass).

We all know that external links is probably one of the most crucial factors that will ultimately decide which websites rank higher on search engines.

Who's we? You and all the yous in your head? This is nonsense. It is one thing, ONE THING, they, the search engineS, consider. It could affect webpage rankings positively, negatively or not al all.

Good descriptive n brief for starters but the main theme is in there

I use unique keywords rather than relevant keywords

Inbound links trump on-site factors. Many pages are known to rank high for keywords that aren't even on their page just because of inbound links.

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