Hello everybody,

The keyword is not competitive but spend alot of time getting it on the first page. Slowly gradually it settled on #4 rank and been there for quite a long time until TODAY!

Chcked to see that the result was out of 1000 SERPs completely. One of the page still ranks for that keyword but its not the targeted one. It was the home page which completely got LOST from #4 to dunno!!!! not even page 2, 3, 4, 5 etc etc

My other keywords are still there ranking for pretty much the same (even jumped a few places up).

The page still ranks (dropped to #6) on several data centers but majority has kicked the page out!!!

No change in competitor ranking, the one before me jumped on my place. Don't think it has out ranked me instead index has completely dropped the page out of 1000 results. Checked web master tool, no error or warning or any thing. No drop in links etc

What do you think might have happened?

probably just a small google shakeup, it happens from time to time. it will normally settle back down and you'll be back where you were.

one thing to note, make sure that you are returning a 200 status code for your homepage or subpage that you're ranking for, so that google keeps it indexed.

jonathon is right. google frequently shuffles things around because they are constantly testing new items. if things dont bounce back here are some things to look at

-robots.txt is not blocking google
-the sites that are linking to you did not suffer a penalty (if they lose their link popularity, they will then pass less link popularity to you)
-hosting is working 100% (if your site goes down and google visits you, it could cause you to drop out)
-did you recently buy any paid links? (google has been trying to remove the link popularity that paid links pass)
-google's cache of your page does not show anything has been hacked into your site

good luck