I have a website related to UK Magazines. Just only 7 months old and have top three ranking on yahoo UK and top 6 ranking on Google UK against my competitive keywords. My site was on 18th position only 5 days back for "UK Magazines" keyword but 4 days back my website got listed on dmoz.org (http://www.dmoz.org/News/Magazines_and_E-zines/) and suddenly my site jumped up to six number against same keyword.


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I don't believe DMOZ gains you a lot of growth. It's more about your website's reputation. If it's listed in DMOZ than it's worthy to be visited. But there are some rumors, that DMOZ and Yahoo listings help in higher SERP.

I don't believe DMOZ gains you a lot of growth

I also think same but you can get a strong higher PR backlink which contribute in ranking website high. But believe me when it is listed My website jumped to 6th position on google uk from 21st position in the very next day against "UK Magazines".

I have this pot in all webmaster forums where I am a member..

Essentially a DMOZ listing is just a link found within a directory and it sits in a pool of hundreds of thousands of other directories that generally do just about the same thing.

As Google is the owner of DMOZ it stands to reason that the search engine will trust and thus reward the links contained within DMOZ pages moreso than it will when it finds the links found within the other standard directory type web sites but I wouldn't think that it would be anything substantial in most cases. I could see that in some keyphrase competitions that it could play more of a ranking factor than in others but that would not be the standard across the SERPs board.

If DMOZ listed links can do such wonders, then i think it is a good option to buy some already dmoz listed expired domains. Of course will need to some research on those domains before buying.

I hope there are many other factors that could have influenced the ranking but surely dmoz is not the single factor.

Yes, there are many various factors which help a site get traffic, and of course getting approval from Dmoz is also a big help. This is one of the most famous site, so when your site is accepted it means yours is really good. That's why you can see the change in ranking. I know this; however, it's really hard to have our site approved in Dmoz. I can't do that :(

I haven't heard dmoz mentioned in the longest time. Is it still as powerful as it used to be ... or am I just out of the loop?

DMOZ will approve your site once you follow their rules in submitting site. I have also 2 blogs which was listed in DMOZ.

I haven't heard dmoz mentioned in the longest time. Is it still as powerful as it used to be ... or am I just out of the loop?

No, a DMOZ listing is not a significant ranking factor in most cases. The case in hand is quite rare as it deals with a regional search criteria (UK) probably searched in a regional datacentre (google.uk).

The insignificance of a DMOZ listing is almost always evident when checking keyphrase competitors' Backlinks in Google (by typing in "link:www.wherever.com" [omit quotes]) and rarely finding a DMOZ link listed in the first couple of link results pages if you even find one at all. It is commonly understood that Google usually lists the Backlinks that it finds worthy of rewarding weight and it is standard that the search engine omits displaying all the rest of the "unimportant" links associated with the web page (this accounts for the huge variation in Backlink results when checking Backlinks in Yahoo and MSN. In fact, Yahoo and MSN give a nuch more accurate interpretation of backlink activity then does Google). This thus suggests that Google doesn't give much weight to most DMOZ links, in most keyphrase arenas, even though the listing probably exists and should indeed be considered as one of the more "important" incoming links to the webpage; worthy enough to be viewed in the Backlink result.

You are lucky that your site added in Dmoz directory and it is really very helpful and effective if you get listed in the directory.

@cscgal: I agree with you there! Here's an article that I believe everyone can learn from: http://bit.ly/kmYqV

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