Welp since they undid the past recent update - the moment has come! Google has updated their backlinks.

Our site jumped up by about 110 links:)

Data centers that are showing the changes so far include the following:

Hope everyone made out ok :)

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Well my PR went up to 6 from 4 after this update for one site and for the other it went up to 3 from 0 :)

Oohhh, one of the very lucky few who got a PR update for an existing page.

I saw some PR changes on internal pages as did quite a few others.

I'm still waiting for the day google will recognizes I have a lot more backlinks than a PR5 site :)

:P No change for me ;)

Join the club, I guess. However, still have a great number of pages indexed. Rankings slipped a bit but I still can't complain.

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