Have we all just gotten to a point where we are abandoning the idea of google PR? Isn't that what google wants of us? They knew they were in hot water when they went public and the foundation of their company - PR - was owned by Standford U. and they were just leasing it. (That was fine and dandy when they were a private company but not what shareholders want to hear). So should we just agree that google is turning away from PR and go with it? This is more of a rant than a post. Please ignore :)

PR is more for show these days. Who knows...I think the idea of PR still makes SEO companies a great deal of cheese!

At least that I agree with :) I charge $250 for a footer link on every single one of the pages around here. I have gotten so many people saying that it is way too expensive for a PR5 and they wouldn't pay more than $20 for it. But what they don't understand is the reason we're only a PR5 is because we're only a year and a few months old, and didn't start getting heavily into SEO until after google stopped updating PR. So while we may be a PR5, we have over 170,000 of our pages spidered (that's 170,000 backlinks for your $250) and we have a few thousand backlinks ourselves!

I do apologize though - I didn't mean for this to be a sales pitch. I was just trying to demonstrate how PR doesn't hold much legit value though people still seem to use it to judge where they buy links from.

PR is not really a true indicator of how popular your site is, I have seen a PR 6 site which has not been updated in over 6 months. When advertising space a more true indicator is the page views, unique hits and the hits you generate per month.

$250 a month? That is a lot. Sitewide links are vastly overrated. There are deals available now giving 95000 links on 5 different IP's with up to 100 anchor text variations. Total cost? $50 a month......

Scribbller, go by page views and unique sessions. Hits mean absolutely nothing at all and are a useless statistic. ;) mnemtsas, I would LOVE to know where you could get 95,000 backlinks for $50 per month! I would buy!

Ooh thanks for that! I hardly ever read the Digital Point forums which I always knew was a mistake :) I'm going to go read this thread now - you caught my interest. And yes, I agree, traffic has nothing to do with SEO or backlinks. But as far as measuring traffic is concerned, hits is a useless statistic (side topic).