If i am going to insert the meta tag , the keyword stuff into my homepage. Do I have to put it on every single page or just put it on xxx.com.index.htm ?

Please let me know! Thank you all!!!!

You should always include a unique page title, unique meta keywords, and a unique meta description tag on every individual page, that explains the contents of that particular page.

To get a better result from ranking in Google they need to see you have lots of pages within your site they see this by looking at the titles and keywords, if they are all the same they see it as one page


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Yes each page should have its own set of keywords and descriptions, then title to clearly indicate what each page is about.

Yes you should include that info on every page but the keywords you use should be different for each page or the search engine will lower your page standings I say find 4-6 keyword phrases and use them differently in each page that worked for us and we are # 1 in google for our key words

good luck it all takes time dont expect to see results overnight