My website is slowly dropping out of the search results as I was in the top ten for most keywords related to my site. I still have traffic from other sources but the google search traffic has dropped.
I also see in the google webmasters that the keywords I am getting found for are becoming unfocused and random. I have been picked up for the word music, but I have a computer help site????
I have never seen odd keywords in my lists on google webmaster. They have always been great and exactly what the visitor wants.

On the other hand I have new pages on my site that have been given PR 4 and PR3. And when I say new I mean 2 weeks to 6 weeks old. Some internal pages are now PR4 and the homepage is still PR3.. It all seems great except for the keywords and search results.

Is anyone having this problem???

I was also thinking that google is not as busy at the moment and that is why the unusual keywords are popong up.. they are the scraps and leftovers...

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how are people linking back to the site? this is more important than the PR

how are people linking back to the site? this is more important than the PR

What do you mean?

I think they just use the keywords I give them...but I don't know about the sites that just link to it by themselves.

My site seems to be fighting back now.. I have been doing everything I can to get back... It is really an amazing thing when you finally understand SEO. My traffic also increased by near 300 uniques a day and soon I will hit the 1500 mark a day!!!
I would never have believed that I could get that much traffic from SEO and content.

The problem is that I still don't know what caused the drop and that worries me. (because I did so many things to fix it...just in case)

PR has no direct connection to SERP ranking. Continue to build more links and promote your site to have a better serp ranking.

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