What is the best way to find out who is linking to my site? And is there a way to find out when a site's link is going to appear as paid to google. For example i have found that many sites have a recip link form for viewers to fill out. How can i find out if those are going to be worth anything to google.

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"How can i find out if those are going to be worth anything to google." There is not any solution for this. That's the secret of Google, yet ;)

However I can tell you how you can explore the links which are pointed to your site. The best if you type the following command to the Altavista Search Engine: link:your domain



If want to see which sites are linking with your site, search in google with keyword backlink watch.
There are some backlink watcher tool available you can find how many sites are linking with your site.



To find back links for your site you just use pagerank tool,in that you have back links option first you open your site in a browser and clic k on page rank tool bar,go to option back links its just list out your back links thats it.


You can use google webmaster tools. It will track all the links to your sites, including the "nofollow" ones.

The "link:yourdomain" search don't give you all the links.


Dear the most easiest way to know this is to add a add in in your firefox "Search Status". It is a very good add in, will tell you everything about your traffic. Otherwise you can use "marketleap.com/publinkpop/" for quick check.

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