Use of Header Tags H1 - H4
Hiding this technique behind CSS code so that it does not disrupt the look of the page:

My name is Blank Blank and I would like to thank you for visiting the <H3>Name of page</H3> web site. Here at <H3>Name of page</H3>, quality is our number one priority. It seems that most <H4>manufacturers</H4> quickly forget how important each player really is. At <H3>Name of page</H3>, we take every order with the confidence that we will provide the hardest and longest lasting <H2>manufactured items</H2> on the market.

I have adjusted some of the content to protect the name of my client and what he does but I am sure you get the jist of where this is heading. I am getting conflicting information and not sure how toe proceed here. My seo guy says its ok its ok but my designers who code the site say NO WAY this is spam.

Will this hurt? Will this help?? Does it matter???

That is spam, or at least misuse of the tag. I don't think you will face a penalty but I'll bet the search engines will not give you any lift from using <Hn> tags this way.

The conventional wisdom is that using <Hn> tags correctly will give a little boost to keywords used in those tags, with the idea that headings are important text on a page and, like <title> tags are generally limited in length and prominent. However, any pattern of use that indicates abuse will likely negate any benefit there. This includes overuse, not using it as a heading (as above), CSS modifications that make font small or low contrast to background, etc.

As always, stick to best practices and you will do better than trying this type of thing.

yeah, its similar to spamming and playing with Google algorithm, you should not use such BLACKHAT technique for booting keyword ranking, once Google point it out you may have to face it and our ranking may get lower.