Do you all think that pay per click marketing will help to generate affiliate sales? Personallly, I hardly click on the google text links and hence I doubt that it will generate much sales. Have you earned profit with the help of pay per click marketing? I want to start PPC campaign to promote affiliate products. Please provide some comments. Thanks.

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Creating a Google AdWords account and running a PPC campaign for affiliate programs is actually a tried and true method of making money. I've never done it before, personally, but I know it can be done. The main issue is that you're going to be bidding on keywords and in direct competition with other affiliates who are advertising the exact same product or service.

Google created a policy about a year ago in AdWords that only allows one affiliate per affiliate program to appear per keyword search. This way someone doesn't do a search and every single AdWords advertiser in the right sidebar is just another affiliate for the exact same thing with the exact same landing page.

So not only are you in competition to get onto the results page with other affiliates, but you have to outbid them entirely to get listed.

Most of people fail in PPC marketing because they usually bid for highly competitive keywords and fail to optimize the landing page effectively. I think you can get good number of clicks if you bid on less competitive keywords but still targeted.

It looks like I should have started it long ago. 7search have modified its policy and put an end to being the most popular second tier PPC engine for arbitrage: one site per account, 1000 keyword limit…

It is difficult to say why they made this step, even Google ‘allows’ this technique, but wants a bigger share of PPC arbitrage market and introduced its ‘landing page quality score’.

The experience that I have got within these few last weeks with PPC arbitrage makes me search a 7search replacement. I will test MSN AdCenter and probably Google AdWords, but I think it is harder with these two.

Pay per click marketing definitely helps and give business if you know how to set the campaign through the bidding on right keywords.

If the link seems to be attractive the viewer is bound to click on it for that the AD should be catchy den i think it will definitely work out.We just need to use our brain in a proper way and in a proper place.

So whats the best places to get similar content sites (preferably xxx) to set up pay per click on my site, and I make the money?

absolutely google adwords .... you well get the highest R O I

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