How much does google actually penalize you SEO wise for having a newly registered domain name? Or is that some sort of myth?

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Why do Google penalize for having new domain? I don't think so....

It used to be called the "sandbox" ... where new sites go before they get to start ranking well. Google has done away with that [supposedly].

Basically, Google factors in the age of a domain when it tries to determine how credible it is. There are so many fly-by-night companies nowadays, and domain names can be bought for a buck and change. Essentially, Google gives more weight to the domains that have been around since the 90s or early 2000s.

One site isn't going to rank over another because it's a few months older ... but a decade older, just maybe.

If you started adding quality and unique content with link building, it may help you to get out the domain from the sandbox earliest.

I think google sandbox concept is not anymore now....

because i have worked with a lot of new domain and they are ranking well...

but google is providing more importance to well established or old domain .

so google is not penalize for the new domain..

but having a older domain is a positive point...

I also with the same point of view that there is no penalization. I have ranked a lot of new domain. These days I am working on a UK Magazines related website. It is just 7 months old and Now it is at no 6 position against "UK Magazines" keyword and top ten for some other keywords in the google UK. But one thing is sure google certainly consider domain age while ranking (means the expiry time of domain).

Old domain is a very good idea to rank higher faster but you won't get penalize for having a brand new domain. Just advertise a lot and have unique back links and keep your website current and fresh content. update your website as much as you can.

My personal experience says, that if you are doing white SEO, write unique interesting content, domain age is not so important. I used to raise my website into top10 in 3 month. I don't believe in sandbox.

aged domains are great because google sees them as credible compared to newer domains.

yes i totally agree with shniager it does matter if we Do white SEO for our site you can get well rank & high ranking position.. Using new domain instead of aged domain only.

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