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I have a question about title tags. If I have a page on keyword - Dog Training for example - Should I set my title tag as the following - dog training, dog, training, train, etc - Or should I set it up as to where it sounds like a description such as
Dog Training - Learn from the best! In other words is it better to list keywords that are used through out the content , or use the main keyword in description form. Any information that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Set a title tag up to be no more than a couple of words that make cohesive sense - not a list of keywords. It should include your keywords in them, most def, but not to the point where it looks like you're just keyword stuffing.

Exactly as cscgal stated. Don't spam the title tag.

It's important to remember the title tag is what people see when they do a search. If your title doesn't accurately reflect what the page is about you may rank well in the search results but get little traffic which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Try to code your title tag for visitors and not for spiders. Your visitors will see the title of your page so make it descriptive, don’t bundle it with your keywords for SEO.
Use your keywords wisely within your content.

Code your entire site for visitors and not for spiders :) That's all I have to say.

Another question comes how many people are searching for " Dog Training"?

From Overture:

105905 	 dog training
 9310 	 behavior dog training
 6392 	 dog obedience training
 6070 	 dog school training
 6050 	 collar dog training
 3777 	 angeles dog los training
 3391 	 dog potty training
 2861 	 dog free tip training
 2773 	 dog hunting training
 2721 	 book dog training
 2684 	 dog house training
 2516 	 dog tip training
 2420 	 agility dog training
 2191 	 crate dog training
 1607 	 collar dog electronic training
 1589 	 clicker dog training
 1572 	 dog supply training
 1407 	 dog equipment training
 1298 	 bird dog training
 1157 	 dog gun training
 1148 	 dog dummy training
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 1106 	 dog dummy dummy pet training
 1082 	 dog service training
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I'd say that is a significant amount to consider.

Wow! that's good list, I hope this will help him.

I agree completely that you should build your site for people first. The trick is to work within that framework and still get the SEO job done. In this case I would suggest that because most searchers aren't going to travel a great distance to get their dog trained, that you use something like "Expert Dog Training in Mytown" for example. It's also lots easier to rank well for a term that's "local". Experience also shows me that you can effectively use up to six or seven words in the title without too much dilution and it helps to make your title make more sense.

Good info there....as well as knowing who is actually making a number of searches for a particular keyword, you should reference that against competing pages for that keyword. This way you can try to find a back door, where a keyword gets lots of searches but not a ridiculous amount of competing pages

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