Does anyone know of any websites that would let me check my link popularity / the number of backlinks that I have? The more details and specifics, the better?

Personally, I use the commercial stats tool Urchin, but I have also used sites like
Not a lot of details, but they check the top search engines and list the number of backlinks.

But again, you may want to use a site stats tool. Most hosting companies provide this within the control panel of youe website.

tgreer, that's not exactly the correct format ;) It's actually like this:

It's link:, not links:, and there cannot be a space between the colon and the domain name.

However, doing it this way does not show all backlinks - just a very small sample of them. :)

Oh well.

Oooooh! Link Harvester is nice :)

Check out SEOElite - it isnt free but it works very well for what you want

Sorry, didn't see the link !

Hi cscgal.

I use It's quick and easy and you can check up to five sites at a time and it returns results for all the major search engines. It will also give you the page saturation for your sites for all the major engines.

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