can anyone please let me know....where to learn proper seo with latest techniques and standards...???

for google,yahoo,msn.....???

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Go to and read through the forums. Connect with the community as you have done over here. Do a lot of reading and come back to the community with questions. I am not sure if there is a Univ program that can teach you what you are looking for.

I have got a question. How many hyperlinks does Google accept on 1 html before they consider it spam?

Go to google and type in seo techniques, that would be the easiest way. There are many sites that are dedicated to given people advice on SEO techniques. Just be careful of black hat techniques, i.e. buying links, link farms, etc.

If you are looking for a quick start check out the book Search Engine Visibility (2nd Edition) Voices that Matter by Shari Thurow. I used it as a quick reference and was able to increase the visibility of a corporate site by 87%. This should get you started and then you can enter forums with a knowledge base that will allow you to ask more specific questions. Be wary of companies that offer SEO services as many are quickly becoming like a lot of the web design companies that offer web sites for a low dollar amount. They will do just enought to get you some visibility and then try to sign you to a service contract to perform the same steps you can do yourself. Also, get a decent web analytics software package (Avangate makes a good one) and this will help also.

Google Official Blog provides latest update, for more advance upcoming technology you can keep track on Google labs.

Yes, I think if you follow the following link you will 100% satisfy regarding this issue.


You should read Matt Butts blog. He gives the best advice on SEO. :)

Forums are the best area to know the latest techniques, standards and updates in SEO market and in Google algorithm.

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