Does anyone here knows how to check site index in bing?

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Why dont you just type your site address to search bar of Bing? if you could not find yours, then it looks like your site is not indexing yet


Even you can try using your website text in a quote and see if your website comes up there..

just simply type the url on bing on bing text box to see the index search results


You can use following method to check indexing of website in bing:

check your site manually in Bing seach bar

create a sitemap and submit it to BING
not much difference from G

I think Rank Tracker from seo suite will solve your need. I usually used that but after reading an article about not to use rank checker.. I stopped it. You can use them.. but try them once in a week.

Just go to the bing and enter your domain name , if it appers in search results than it is obvious it is indexed and if it is not in the search results shown than you need to index your site .

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