I learned from this forum that posting my websites, web pages, blog articles to social bookmarking sites and they really helped me in SEO. I got indexed on new pages or article blogs in just a weeks or even days.

I don't post to popular social bookmarking sites like Digg because they banned me off since my niche is about free dating services so Digg does not like relationship or dating tips.

I just posted to other social bookmarking sites at least once a week.

I don't know other methods.

I stopped submitting to web directories.

I conclude that social bookmarking sites are best SEO method.

Thanks for reading.

yes you are rite but you should do some link building work i.e directory submissions,article posting, forums & blogs commenting. it will help you getting some traffic and a higher page rank in search engines as well

Web Directories are probably the worse thing to do as most have no content and are stuffed with hundreds of links.

You're right ..I agree wih you 100%...I have same experience as yours...My blog's rank come up significantly after i submit my post to social bokkmarking sites...It increased my blog's traffic and also my earning...So, social bookmarking is great .....

Well, there are so many SEO technics available for everyone who is eager to gain a traffic! If Digg doesnt work for you then you should use other socialbookmark websites, I'm sure you know that there are a lot of such round the Web. Also do not skip article writing/submition, forum/blog posting. Also very good technic is blog creations-posting-submition-comment. Link wxchange - very nice technic. Some of new technics are following: press releases writing/submition, email/video marketing.
A good SEOer knows that one dont have to skip any of SEO technics, becuase every of it has it's own advantages.

Thanks for your information. This is Mark Signature. I am new to this forum and looking for informative discussion with senior members. I would also like to share my views and ideas about any topic.

i would personally never submitt my site to directories. However if you do check the cache to see if the SE's have crawled the site any time recently. Just my 2 cent tip.

social bookmarking service is not bad
you can get many seo friendly backlinks to your website

it is not any use to submit your site in many bookmarking sites.i only submit my site in top ten bookmarking sites.

I read that Bookmarking Demon is an excellent tool for this.

Social bookmarks are best to get faster index from Google in SEO. However, they are not good to get more DOFOLLOW backlinks, because we do not have more dofollow social bookmark sites, most of them are nofollow.

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