The index page of my site is redirected permanently to another page on my site using .htaccess, I'm messing about with IBP9's spider simulator to see how a search engine would see it; apperently this is what they'd see from the index page:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=./">

I've changed the index page (it was totally blank) to have a hyperlink and note to the redirected page, still, the HTML above is all a spider sees.

If I spider the redirected page it's alot more fruitful, but most of my hyperlinks elsewhere (like the one in my signature :P) link directly to the root directory, so as they hit the redirect.

Is this ACTUALLY what the spider is seeing? and can I fix this problem without not using .htaccess?


Ahh.. the problem was simple, the .htaccess redirect went to an index.html page with the above html; I think that page was provided with YaBB; because I don't remember writing it.

Still, problem solved, I just changed the redirect.


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