Though if you optimize your site for SEO, it will affect both Google and Bing. But I just saw this interesting post on this site:
So what do you think?

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Wow,Nice link and i has some tips regards with bing optimization that's great thanks for this information.

For the Bing search engines, still the same older tactics efficient on LIVE and MSN are working like editing the pages titles and adding links.


I always keep Google in focus while applying SEO tactics because Google has been giving maximum traffic till date.

1. Bing overlaps Google too much.
2. Bing is pretty close to Google (and Yahoo) on ranking.
3. Spam in search results: Bing 2.9%; Google 2.56%; Yahoo 4.9%.
4. Bing results seem to prefers keywords in the URL.
5. Bing seems to prefer pages where the term occurs with its first letter capitalized.

I have not optimized my blog for bing yet but i am having pretty good traffic from bing search engine.. I just want to is if i optimize my blog for bing, will i loose all the effect in google search engine?

it's all about the back links in the end with any of them, work on those the engines will follow. (particularly if you can make them keyword links)

Like This : SNIP

That's a keyword link, in case you're wondering - now I'll rank higher for the words "Web Strategy"

Easy stuff. (depending on how competitive your keywords are of course :)

Use same tactics

Here are the Bing SEO tips:
1. Domain Age is Key
Bing appears to put a lot of stock into how long ago a domain was registered. For marketers, this means that you may look to purchase older domains if you want to get on good position in Bing.

2. Text Rules
On most search engines, the amount of text on the page usually isn’t usually a huge factor. However, Bing appears to really like pages with at least 300 words of text.

3. Link Out
With Google especially, some marketers are scared to link out to other websites because they don’t want their Page Rank to be lowered. On Bing, linking out actually appears to be smiled upon.

4. Bad News for Bloggers
Google seems to appreciate the blogosphere more than Bing. This is especially true when recent news events occur and bloggers battle with major websites for space on the search engine results page.

5. Bing Loves Titles
If you want to make it to the top of Bing, be sure to have a title that correlates to the subject at hand. Without following this SEO tip (or is a DEO tip?), your other efforts may be lost.

Use same tactics

What kind of tactics????

thanks, I just added badges in all of my blogs.

I personally don't know what exact rules Bing has in indexing websites but I'm pretty sure it's the same thing for Google and Yahoo. Content plus a lot of backlinks.

Thanks for link. It is very interesting information about bing.

Well i think optimizing with respect to google will also provide you an excellent ranking in other search engines like bing and yahoo... As most of their guidelines are same in all!

For search engines Bing, always the same tactic more effective in Live and MSN are working as the title edit pages and add links.

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