PPC Ads definition

PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click. PPC advertisement is a form of advertising where advertisers pay for visitors on cost per click basis.

Advertisers can also place PPC ads on search engines. PPC ads are also popularly known as sponsored listing. Note that the payment plan for sponsored listing may or may not be based on cost per click while PPC ads only follow cost per click payment model.

PPC ads appear at the top, right or bottom of SERPs of search engines that display organic rankings also.

Features of PPC Advertisement

PPC ads can immediately generate visibility for your website by getting you placed on SERPs of the desired keywords. Distinctively, PPC advertising is:

* Definite
* Flexible
* Low Risk

Because of these features PPC enjoys certain advantages over the other forms of online advertising. Some of these features are listed and discussed below.

PPC ads appear when you want

Instant Results

The results of PPC campaigns are instant. The ads go live immediately and can be modified, added or deleted at any time.

Easy implementation

PPC advertisement is an effective model and is easily implemented. PPC ads don’t require any modifications on the website and hence are an effective search engine marketing model for sites which are architecturally difficult to modify for SEO. For example even if you are site is in Frames, you can run a PPC campaign for the site and the ads would appear.

Recommended Answers

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PPC is best way to generate more lead/business for the online resource. In this practice website is visible in top results of search engines through searching keywords.

For PayPerClick campaigns, don't just rely on using top keywords for your PPC campaign - this is the reason why others are failing.

Bidding on top keywords will yield you less as competition for these are stiff already. The technique here is opting for other long tail keywords that is more likely to yield specific results because specific searches on long tail keywords or phrases are the ones that usually convert.

Those who employ such search are more likely to buy IMO.

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