i have a german website and my current domain is Example.com and i need to rename my domain Sample.com! I want to retain my existing results for the domain Example.com!

My queries are:

Can i use Example.com as a SUB DOMAIN for Sample.com?


Can i have the same Example.com in Japanese and make the copy of that website with same content as Sample.com in English language? Will that be treated as a duplicate content? I assume, it won't be treated as Duplicate content as the language of the site differs!

Can i make a 301 redirect from Example.com to Sample.com?? I think, it works well!!!!
Which of the above method is the BEST?? I need your valuable advise and Experts Suggestions!

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Same content in a different language is not the same content :) You would only do this if you really do have a need to target users of multiple languages.

I would recommend doing a 301 redirect from all pages of the old domain to the new domain. This can be accomplished with a single one-line .htaccess file.

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