I ahve a website which i want to promote on Search Engine, i have a question about it.

Can Pay Per Click Advertising increase chance in high Search Engine Ranking.

Waiting for experts response.

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Pay per click will not improve your organic search positions.

However, its just about the best method of trialling keyphrases before starting on organic campaigns. Use PPC to determine which phrases work and then incorporate them into your organic campaigns.

Short answer is no. However we did do a test on this very topic and got interesting results. For a keyword phrase that gets around 13 million results, we were able to get first place organic ranking without doing any link building to this page and only the basic on page optimizations and a small ppc campaign. Could be a simple coincidence sure and I would certainly not bank on getting an organic push out of it. If there are 1000 factors that go into google's algorithm, could a point be given if you are a ppc client. Maybe.

it doesnt make any sense for Google to do this, ultimately they are an advertising company and make most of their money out of Adwords. Providing an organic boost to PPC clients is likely to lose them money..

Im thinking that it was a coincidence..

PPC ads can immediately generate visibility for your website by getting you placed on SERPs of the desired keywords. Distinctively, PPC advertising is:

* Definite
* Flexible
* Low Risk

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