how to get fast traffic i have a earning blogger but i dont understand how to get the traffic

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Can u please explain what do you mean by "earning blogger". I am not getting that...

Regarding traffic there are lots of thread here which will explain everything to you.

There are many effective ways to drive targeted traffic. Find some relevant blogs and comment on them but make sure the blog is dofollow. Get some high traffic relevant forums and start participating on them and put signature links on them. But, you have to stay active on those forums to get benefit from it. Create you profile on social networking sites like twitter, facebook, myspace and meme.yahoo.com and build a professional network. Share your links and services with the members. Try to be friendly with other memebers. But, the best way i know is to build the website content so that you will have something worth in your site to show the people.

how to get fast traffic i have a earning blogger but i dont understand how to get the traffic

You people crack me up. Everybody and their neighbour has an earning blog or webpage somewhere. Do like the rest of them.

So you have an earning blog and now you want traffic for it; then you can generate search engine revenue. Earn money by attracting visitors so you can send the visitors elsewhere, as long as they click your search engine ad links; as they probably would because the content you'll offer the visitor would be mediocre at best. I can tell that by your infantile writing. Search engines like things to appear intelligent.

So you have one of those money blogs eh, but nobody's clicking the money links eh. Hmmm. That's much like saying you want to be commissioned to paint a masterpiece but have yet to ever hold a paintbrush in your hand. Happy clicking.

I do not get the point either, if you have an earning blog so you are making money of it since a blog with no traffic cannot get monetized.

you can try article marketing its really help everyone to reach maximum traffic apart from this you can try forum marketing method but dont spam the forum just help user in what they are looking for ...you will find lots of people there who really need your help.

I think building quality link will give you some traffic to your specially organic traffic.

Still if you are not satisfied then play in relevant forums and work on banner advertising.

Submitting your site with different social bookmarking sites is one source of getting traffics.

You blog about great stuff, then people come, that's the theory for me!

U can also try leave comment on others' blog. It will also help!

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