how would i go about getting key words such as the one you have used to work to my advantage ? linke how would i set that up in adsence ? what heading is it under ? and what do you do ? please explain thanks.

you would have to build a site about mesothelioma, get it to rank, and then throw up some adsense. Keep in mind though that there are already a gajillion other sites trying to do this. Also keep in mind that Google or any other reputable SE frowns upon "Made for AdSense" type websites.

I believe it. Don't you see those tv commercials about mesothelioma? If they can afford tv ads, they can afford to pay that much. I knew someone who was redirecting traffic and was making 10k per month until he was banned. This was the keyword.

you have to be a reputable established site to be taking top $$$ commissions from Google.

Maybe if you get ranked #1 in G search results you might get %50 of $99.44... yes Google takes a big chunk of the profits.

Competition is fierce, you're talking about SEO pros who have been in the market for years... you have no chance if just starting out - pipe dreams

focus on small nices that internet marketing experts don't have time for... it's the only way you have a chance to make any money through adsnese. Al high paying niches have extreme competition amongst the pros

why is that some keywords cost that high per click? I wonder what keywords should I optimize.

with smart pricing, the actual payout for that keyword will be very less... :-)

haha. motivation to make more adsense. Good point. The conspiracy continues. Well if they are bidding that much for that keyword, they are making too much money. I am a Adwords account manager. I haven never seen higher than a $45 bid. Once I saw that, I did some keyword research.

Don't Know About That :D

I know a keyword with $163.32 dollars per click.

$163,32? what niche is it?

$99 per click? Wow, there must be a great demand for that information. hmmmm

the high price can only be explained by the high level of competition, there's nothing strange in it.

That's amazing! Imagine of getting 3 of those clicks daily, you will become a milliner in a few weeks! Lucky those who made it!

specially finance or lawyer related keywords have high CPC

Forex Niche keywords are high paying cpc's in us may be this is the one or Health niche keywords



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