Wow, I just checked out the newly launched "My Google". Google is now offering customized personal pages to display your local weather, news, word of the day, quote of the day, stock quotes, and your Gmail. It's official, Google has made the transition into a portal site. Brings back memories of the day Yahoo did the exact same thing. There's lots more information on searchenginewatch and slashdot.

Here is the URL:

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i know, it seems they are taking a page from yahoo on this one. hope this doesnt become main page technology as google wont be the same again!!!

Out of only twelve options to select, I'm a bit surprised that one of them is Slashdot. Targeted towards techies (more specifically, OSTG open source techies), it's obviously such a niche audience I'm surprised Google is including it.

in a blog of theirs about this, they said they received several requests from consumers who wanted to see slashdot feed on google.

You have to admit it seems a bit odd, though. Of all syndicated sites in the world, only Slashdot? It's an example of why there is,,,, and then a google for scholarly papers (i.e. from Stanford), universities, and the U.S. government (let's get political like Slashdot). A bit biased, are we, google? No question about it that more techies use G while MSN attracts more life 'n' style type searches.

yes google is preffered by techies overall but the common person uses google as well just not the other search features such as scholar search and os search.

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