We all know that mac developers have always been left high and dry when it comes to having to live without the Google toolbar, and therefore without the convenience of a PR bar while web browsing.

However, I stumbled upon this tool: http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/pagerank-mac/

I'm a windows and mac user and I've yet to try it yet, but it does look quite promising. Don't ya think? I know a lot of mac people who have been begging for something like this.

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It certainly looks useful but I'm not altogether comfortable with the concept of the google toolbar, because Google can use it to track every site you visit. Google actually seem to be fanatical about collecting information on people's browsing habits, particularly when you consider their tracking cookies that you accept when you use the google search tool never expire, but continue to send info on the sites you've visited to google....


Did I mention that The Firefox Googlebar will let you search www.google.com/mac? Not only that . . . but you get a nice warm and fuzzy feeling for supporting open source software. And to make things even better, Mozilla cares enough about Mac users to *make* a google toolbar for them. No longer are Mac users treated as second class citizens! No longer do Mac users have to suffer with sub-quality browsers!

. . . Oh, and Mozilla is one of the few browsers to render HTML code properly . . .


. . . give it a try, you might like it :)


Tattle tale ;) That motto does keep me out of the Security forum though!



I am a daily user of Mozilla Firefox on the Mac OS X platform. They had a kink in their previous release that interferred with DaniWeb details, but that has been fixed. I think it was a problem with the OS X version... the Linux one worked just fine.

Dani is a Safari lover. Which is Great.


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