Don't get scared if your site suddenly has no PR anymore. It appears that the PR value in the Google toolbar isn't working for a whole bunch of folks. Wonder if we're getting an update soon or if this is just some server downtime.

- Dani out

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dani, why did you break it . . . geez.

It wasn't me! It wasn't me! I promise ;)

We have witnesses, they saw you do it.

Hmm, hours later and still no PageRank? It doesn't seem like a glitch in their servers but maybe a planned outage? Google's way of phasing out PR maybe? Querying their server via their API doesn't seem to be doing the trick either.

Not just the toolbar! Besides my toolbar not showing PR, I just tried checking some sites on SEO Chat's pagerank lookup - and its not working either!

Yes, well all that the SEO tools (such as those found on SEOChat) do is query the toolbar server. :)

However, I think I've ruled out the idea that this is just a glitch. If on the off chance that pagerank was accidently taken down sitewide, G has enough resources that they could have gotten it back up by now if they really wanted to.

They have something up their sleeves :)

i believe they are recompiling the google public pagerank. my reasons for believing so:
1.backlinks were updated last week
2.many have had 67/10 Pr before this happened
3.rumors of an algorithm change

What do you mean 67/10?

there was a thread on sitepoint that someone posted that said they had 67/10 pr on the toolbar just before it went unavailable.

i am guessing the downtime of PR was due to recent google update

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