Wow, I really don't know those type of people who use SEO. In that case, I fall on people who use Grey Hat SEO. Doing White Hat SEO will surely have a long time before we can see the result. I remember the days I am also a green horn in SEO. Thanks for the information. I will surely follow your threads now.

Greenhats aren't noobs, they are advanced SEOs like blue hatters. They don't waste their time on whitehat tactics that don't yield much result. They are ethical unlike blackhatters.

SEO tactics which falls under Gray hat seo are given below:-
1)Keyword stuffing but not at a level of black hat keyword stuffing.
2)Link building where relevance is less important.
3)Using paid links.
4)Syndicate evreything.
5)Link to yourself as much as possible..

Green hat SEO basically means that you expend all your SEO resources and knowledge to receive web traffic or visitors to your website.When focus is given more on the importance and prominence to the people who visit your website.In depth Green Hat discussions talk about how to achieve these authority site backlinks effectively and how to distribute this unique Pagerank juice effectively onto your website so to get the best results for this effort.

nice post and informative too. Thanks for sharing this useful topic here.

It is just about fresh content. So techniques comes here are blogs with niche content, articles with niche content and so on.

please copare the this green hat technique and white hat SEO , how these are differ in implimenattion

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