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If you syndicate your rss feed on multiple websites it can create duplicate content issues. This is because the same headline and snippet will be repeated on all of those sites. Search engines value uniqueness and therefore these links will be somewhat devalued.

I am not saying the rss link syndication links will be worthless. They will have benefit but not as much if they were embedded with unique content and had varied (but still focused) anchor text.

If your rss feed is in demand and it will not create near identical copies of your content then go for it. Be careful to limit the amount of your snippet. Based on my experience this type of project does not generally deliver great results, since the sites willing to syndicate your rss feed are not normally good quality sites.

FYI RSS feeds were popular as a link building scheme over 3 years ago. Be aware that the search engines know and understand this strategy. Needless to say it does not perform as well as it used to.

As for distributing free articles embedded with links to your site - This can be very helpful in developing links. It is ideal to distribute unique articles to individual sites. If you can't write unique articles then at least try to change the article title and opening paragrah and slightly change the anchor text. This gives a more organic look to these links.

I find it best to contact high quality related sites and proactively offer the content. Most people simply submit to the article directory sites which are mostly used by poor quality sites looking for free content. That is not your ideal end user.

Try to give away your articles instead of exchanging them. This will increase the amount of one way links pointing to your site. If you do exchange articles just make sure all content is unique and you will get some good link juice from the exchange. Copyscape is an easy way to test the uniqueness of content.


thanks for your comments

i did read on another seo forum (i don't recall since i read about 10 of them) that google DOES NOT view rss feeds as duplicate content

perhaps other people can say what they have heard so we can get larger vote


I thought of great RSS idea, please tell me what you guys think

I plan on writing good articles often, and we have spoken that RSS feeds won’t count as backlinks nor be indexed.

So I’ll create a backend database where I create a title link with a 2 sentence summary of the article. And all the article titles with their 2 sentence summaries will be listed on this page. But it won’t be duplicated content, since in the database I’ll create alternative sentence summaries and synonyms so that ultimately it will be unique content and it will always send a unique article summary to each website that agrees to publish my material. And within that summary I’ll be sure to use 1-2 anchor text words related to that article pointing to my website.

The additional benefit is everytime I write a article (which will be at least weekly) it will add content to the page and therefore google will keep indexing that page.

If I do say so for myself, this is pretty smart and I advice others to follow. I would appreciate feedback, especially those that see holes in my theory.


One of the big problems with RSS feeds on others' websites is that javascript is used to embed them, and Google tends to ignore anything between the [script][/script] tags, a great script that solves the problem is RSS2HTML


To me you are seeking a short cut; an easy way to get higher ranking for your articles.

My advice is to just create articles, get them on feeds if you want to share them that way, but don't seek a linking advantage in doing so as you may not get the results you want.

Do what is natural. You don't need a bunch of useless links pointing out your unique and important content. Link will come naturally and they will be what is best to help propel keyphrases up the ranks.


If I syndicate my RSS feed on other websites (ie, they agree to post my RSS feed of articles on their website) will those pages get indexed and count as backlinks? Can anyone show evidence.

I thought this was good idea to provide articles with links in article in anchor text but heard that google does not index rss feeds.

can we get a discussion going on this to shed light and learn something

Also is exchanging articles (with your links in article to your website) beneficial. Exchanging plain links is worthless, but what about articles? Is it worth extra effort to exchange articles on 3 way strategy

Feed submission is one technique that you can use to increase your backlinks and your link popularity. Even if duplicate content is created and all the new links will not be as valuable as the ones in the first unique article will be, syndication of your unique content is good for your site.

On the other hand, link exchanging helps but not so much in the eyes of Google, compared to if you got it yourself via a more natural method, like getting a quality one way backlink from somewhere.

A plain backlink is just a link, someone simply mentions your site, hopefully with your keywords as your anchor text and on a website that is hopefully do-follow and ranks great.

On the contrary, an article for your business on another highly ranked and authoritative blog-website that will include all your business details and features as well as your keyword rich anchor text linking back to your website, will help you much more. You can search online and find these gems, sites that have page rank over 2, they are do follow and that allow you to feature your business with via a full article for low fees.

Happy link building.


i used the google video rss for my video site i can get free links on that

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