Is it possible to get listed in Google in less than one day? What do you think about it? What about your websites? Yes, it is possible to get indexed by Google in one day. What do you need to get listed within a single day? You have to know advanced optimization strategy to get the result accurately which is very easy for any one.

For your information, never apply the Google submission form including MSN, Yahoo, Alltheweb and AltVista. How it is possible to get indexed in one day.

Going to Google, enter the broadest keyword related to your website to view a list of Google search results. Get attention to the Google page rank of the website to browse.

The more websites linking to your website, the greater your page rank. For an example the search term is "weight loss". You can find websites with a Page Rank of higher than 6 while looking at these top ranked.

Now check whether they have links pages. Now, you should collect their email addresses over the internet. Request them for linking to your website. They will place a link on their website to yours if you can do it perfectly.

Getting 1 PR7 website to link, your websites can get indexed in one day. But it will need 3 days getting 1 PR6 website to link of your website.

It is possible for you to have more visitors to your site within very short time. You can get your site ranked in top 10 Google in short time. You can wish to drive thousands of targeted traffic to your website. It is possible for you to have a number 1 position in Google and other search engines.

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Good suggestion..but i think it is not easy to get that PR6 link for sure..

^ Yeah, that's way too hard. No webmaster will ever agree to exchange links with low PR sites.

Yes, agreed. The higher the PR, the more cumbersome it becomes to get a link.

PR of the links might not be the only way of affecting the indexing rates of the sites. For example, many blogs can be found that are still having PR zero or 1 but their posts get indexed within a couple of hours or even minutes after being created.

Yes, it is possible if website follow all seo constant in designing and developing hand with placements on traffic generating resources.

I disagree that the more links to your website, the higher the PR. Only one high PR site is better than one hundred low PR sites.

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