OK so.. if I do...

link:site.com 0 results.. BUT

link: site.com and I get my results..

Alot of these BL checkers out there were showing me with 0 from google.. and I was not understanding why..

Could this be why?

They changed formats?

I was always under the impression that when there is no space after link: you are using Google's special function to show you how many different pages link to you. When there is a space after link: , you're simply doing a regular search using those two keywords (link and yoursite). However, I tried it out on my site and that doesn't seem to be the case. Having link: with a space after it is returning a lot of pages that are linking to me. So now I'm just very confused.

CsGirl.. I don't get it either.. I am wondering if this is part of the infastructure change.. but its very very odd to be working this way.. don't you agree?

THis can explain ALOT of the BL & PR downfalls...

Just my .02 ... I was fooling around and found this and HAD to share with the community and get their take..

That fact that the "CSGAL" is stumped has me stracthing my head... I figured it would be a response like ....

Your doing it wrong...

You big DUMMY ITS THIS OR THAT.. hehehehehe

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