I've read quite a bit about SEO and made my first experiences. But well... it really takes time to make a bunch of experiences!

I'm in the conflict whether to design a start page really nicely with antialiased picture texts, or with real text, which is more and more seen. At least I think having observed that more people use text instead of pictures, even for page titles while they often didn't in earlier days.

Now my question:
Does it really make a big difference - Serp-wise - if I put my page's title and maybe (if that goes together with the nice look and feel of that start page) one or two keyphrases in text-form, so preferably h1 to h3, or if on the other hand I go for the nice looking version with text in the form of images and put the text also in the "alt" tag?
I'd find it a pity for artists who really want a simple and nice looking starting page - on those the title catches the looks much more than on a usual landing page filled with content.


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Nowadays there's an alternative to images if you want antialiased text, while still being "text" for the SEs, i.e. Cufon.

With it you can design a beautiful landing page with any font you want (even if it isn't installed in the user's computer), while optimizing your SEO efforts.

Thank you Pedro,

since your message I've tried Cufon and it was quite easy to use!

Also I'd really like to learn about how big the difference in the SERPs would be for a *graphical* start page with "alt" tags versus a *text* page.
Doesn't Google cope with alt tags and the page title? How much higher would a page with just a few words (as in a sleek artist's entrance page) in text rank?

It's quite hard to decide which way to go.
I think that I'll also have to get some statistics about how many users have Java script enabled, so would see the Cufon fonts.

Cheers for now,

Google likes content. If your website is less than 15 pages, then it's hard to get high ranking. If your site is really static on content, I suggest installing a blog on it's sub folder.

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