What points should we include when we have to make SEO Audit of any client's web site? Should the points depend on type of web site? I mean in case of E-commerce web site or in case of professional web site Audit points should be same or different ?Please guide me .Thanks a lot.

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If you have a look at Axandra's IBP features (or a sample SEO report that software generated) you would have a decent starting point. I own a copy of it at my laptop and I think it leaves out very few details, so if you have a look at what it takes into account and how does it perform the SEO reports you would have a great list of things to include in a SEO audit.

Though it's more than likely that if you don't know which are the key SEO points to include in a report, you don't know enough about SEO to even consider taking that kind of jobs, IMHO.


I am confused... If you are providing SEO services shouldn't you know what to look for in an audit? My husband does SEO work and as far as I am concerned he does not ask questions he should have an answer for. He did that when he was beginning. This is not to say that there may be new practices he might need to learn, but it just seems odd to me what you are asking.

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