"website-design-gorgia" or "websitedesigngeorgia" what's best for search engines/SEO?

Anybody has any idea or knowledge what works best? i figured the one with hyphens may work better, since that seems to also be a standard when naming html pages for SEO optimization (like about-me.html)...

Appreciate any feedback!

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For a domain, definitely avoid hyphens. Search engines seem to assign a lot more trust to domains without hyphens.

For page names, hyphens are fine.

I know this thread is kinda old but i wanted to say this for people who's interested in this. When thinking about whether or not to put hyphens in the domain, just keep this in mind, most people automatically think the domains with hyphens are spam. If you're paranoid about stuff like that, getting a domain without hyphens is the way to go. As for seo purposes i don't think it matters.

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