plz give me best advise how can get rank in google top first position with this keyword
"Sato Travel"

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Well, you are aiming quite high... You must optimize your site with all the On-page and Off-page SEO tactics. Getting to the number one spot in Google, for any particular keyword is quite a task.

Word of advice. If you are serious about marketing your site and creating valuable links, DO NOT SPAM forums. On your first post you created a link that looks like a signature. That is unethical and sooner or later will backfire on you.

I'm shure you can reach the number 1 posision in google, yahoo and the other big search engines with "sato travel". But it will take time.

I have optimized my website for "make dollars online" and I have the number 1 position in google. If you know html you can take a look at my source code to see how I have done.

There are more things to do.....

Try to have a "clean source code". Check your site with

Writing articles is a very good way to invite people to your website and to get inlinks to your website. Put your www-address in the articles.

You will get more one way inlinks to your website. With inlinks you increase your search engine ranking and get more traffic to your website. Publish your articles on article sites and you should also publish them on your own site. Search engines like Google and Yahoo loves new updates on your website.

There are some sites that distribute your unique articles to hundreds of sites.

There are so many other ways to get traffic but to optimize your website, write articles and post them on article sites you are on the way to the top of the search engines.


With all above tips you need to constantly get backlinks to your site.

Getting top position in Google isn't easy task for this you will have to do SEO with proper guidelines and methods, do off and on page optimization properly and then see the result.

sato travel has just 573,000 results, it is good, check other site vor their backlinks and all other factors why are at the first site, do their work and then do it a little more to be better

Hi Friend

You should reach the top ten position in Google with keyword "sato travel",but before you have to need apply marketing tactics like Directory submission of your particular site using your targeted keyword,bookmarking,article,blog comment etc.

One most important thing is needed to get top ten ranking in Google,Listing in "DMOZ".

use SEO for rank your site this is the only way which helps you to rank your site ... go for SEO companies for it... enjoy

Need to improve your backlink and if possible to take paid link....

You need relevant content with "Sato Travel" keyword on your main page. It's very good if your have this keyword in domain and in title. And of course you nedd many backlinks with necessary anchors

I would also recommend you to submit your site to Google as well as submitting site map. I did it for my blog eons ago and it helped drive lots of traffic.

Build quality backlinks with your keyword as anchor text.

Use social networking and bookmarking, back links should be strong

Depends on how much money you have)
you can submit your link to best SEO and get top rankings, but this will cost you a lot!
alternatively, you should start bookmarking your link, promoting it on social networking sites, setting backlinks, ....well, there are so many ways/
Just start from some minimum,

the more you submit your link, the better google rank you will get!

Using your targeted keyword and its variants according to the ranking factors would be OK like in your title tags, meta description tags, h1 tags, page contents and of course, as anchor text of your backlinks. For a complete list, please use the article titled "search engine ranking factors" on

Have a nice day,

One way is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website via organic or natural search results for targeted keywords. Just make sure to do both types (On-Page and Off-Page Optimization) okay? :)

do link building more to the relevant will help you a lot.

just simple collect more and more back links .. to improve ranking on Google

One way of promoting your site is through Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website on search engines via organic or natural search results for targeted keywords. Just make sure to do On-Page Optimization first, then next is Off-Page Optimization.

just continue to build links and submit all your links to all marketing avenues everyday, do not use black hat instead just use white hat and gray hat. also, always remember that it is a continuous process, otherwise if you stop building links the keyword rank in Google will be lost


Good thing to get top rankings in Google is to optimize your website. Apply search engine optimization so that your website will be crawled by the Google spider. That way when a search keyword related to your site, there is a greater chance that you will be on top. There are lots of ways to optimize. Just study the process.

Firstly work with the keywords, then you can refer to link building, article and blog comments, social book-marking.And you should do all this gradually and step by step if you want o get some results.

I think you will make more to more quality dofollow Back links by create articles and submit on high PR websites, Forum posting and blogs posting and commenting.

getting top ranking is a tough task but not impossible. the major thing is your content on your website. what contents you have . what services people will find on your website. website updation is very important. try to put unique content. then do seo in proper way regularly.article submission and bloging is the efictive way of getting trafic on your bookmarking is fast and effective way of bring more trafic.if you do this surely you will get top rank in 4-5 months

Remember few things in Search Engine Optimization :
1. Content is king - So content should be unique
2. Site structure - For getting advantages in on-page, better site structure is needed.
3. Keyword Target - Select the keywords related to your page, avoid spamming and use the medium competition keywords.
4. Off-page - Regular off-page optimization - best way of getting quick one-way backlinks are - Directory submission, article submission, blog commenting.

Best way to increase the PR of your website you have do following like:
Forum comment,
Blog comment,
Article Submission,
2-way linking and 3- way linking,
RSS Feed,
Email Marketing,
Pay Per Click.......

I think you will make more to more quality dofollow Back links by create articles and submit on high PR websites, Forum posting and blogs posting and commenting.

EYARGH!!! This is bad advice... if you only have DF links, Google would know you're paying link builders! Imagine having 100 DF links and absolutely no NF links! That's suicide.

by doing following activities you are able to get a good rank in all the search engines.
1- directory submission
2- article submission
3- blog submission
4- SMO
5- social bookmarking

SEO + Backlinks is not an imposible niche.

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