Hello Everybody;

I'm new here!
There are alot of knowledgeable people here, and I would like to request the help of the wise.
I'm helping out a friend with his website, he doesn't know much about html, search engines, spiders,etc.....BUT I have been doing some research and now I'm a bit overwhelmed.....So I'm wondering if anybody would like to critique his site and perhaps pass down any pearls...........
He payed google for clicks ($200.00) with no responses, although they said that his page was accessed through their ads.
So just let us have it, don't hold back all comments are appreciated.

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Hi there

See your site is not a general site
it has a niche of its own.
google will be able to help to a extent
but i have not had any good experience with it.
there may be people around who have had different experiences......
what i suggest is targetted advertising and promotions in selective sites and forums.
have a few ideas.......
if you are interested contact me at creationzunlimited@gmail.com

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