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There are several different web programming languages available....all with different features and different capabilities...but as far as SEO is concerned,which is the most SEO friendly programming language? Is it PHP,ASP or HTML ?

aliciasierra commented: HTML is more suitable and preferable by Search engines. In the case of SEO HTML is perfect option. +0
Andrey Svyrydov commented: To answer your question - 80-90% of the entire Internet is written in PHP - this is the right server language, which is suitable even for beginners we +0

I think knowledge of HTML is sufficient for seo work.

I'm not sure about the languages. But usage of flash templates/images, javascript should be less in number in a web page.

I think both PHP and HTML are the best website programming languages for seo friendly

HTML is a markup language while PHP and ASP.NET are development languages that are used to generate HTML. Whichever backend language you use, they all have the capacity of being equally SEO friendly. However, they also all have the capacity of being not SEO friendly at all. Always follow SEO best practices.

In my own experiences, HTML would be the best for coding a site since you might have known all scripts basing on PHP, ASP or others would offer some kinds of SEO add-ons for transferring dynamic urls into static ones. Of course, search engines would have no problems in dealing with dynamic urls these days. There might be tiny difference between all that programming languages.

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HTML is the best option to develop a website for SEO. But these days PHP and others languages also comes up with some seo friendly features.

HTML sites is best for SEO

Simple HTML is sutied best for the SEO !

In my point of view SEO doesn't depends on the Progrmming language which you have use in your website. You can choose any language for developing your website.

Both HTML and PHP are seo friendly programming languages. Most of them use html for designing website which is well suited with seo.

seo is familiar with html language.

These are some of the SEO friendly languages:

I think HTML is good for SEO....

php and html both are good

Coding the frontend will always be in HTML with CSS and JavaScript ’cause that is the language of any web page so html ,css and javascript sites is best for seo.

Next.js are seo friendly programming languages. Most of them use html for designing website which is well suited with seo.

Any programming language can be good if the code is written properly.

HTML and PHP both are good.

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The most seo friendly is primarily the optimal code. Regardless of the language

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