Hi I am new to the online marketing biz.I realize I need targeted traffic to my site to be succseful. Im not rich but Im willing to pay a consultant for SEO or Paper click managment. I need to be on the first page for my keywords. The problem is weeding out the real from the fony. I have talked to several so called seo companies but no one ever retuned my call because maybe my buissiness is new to them. I am a music producer who has a website that i need clients to come a buy my music from.This is a growing buisness as the online market is growing to give an example there are over 1 million atrist looking for instrumental on a website called SOUNDCLICK. Well im tring to take some of that traffic and redirect it to my site. soundclick ranks high on google so i need to as well. Sure i dont have there bigtime money but there has got to be someone who can help me and show me step by step how to achieve my goal. I am really needing information and i will pay for it if need be . So can anyone help

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Hi there,

Don't be discouraged. It *IS* possible to be successful in the search engines without any money at all. Read up about doing on page and off page optimization (on page = h1 tags, keyword density, etc and off page = links from other sites).

Thank you. I will do that.

You can try Google Adwords. It’s the most effective and targeted way of Advertising.

Thank you

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