any one tell me what is the benefit of back links to get high page rank.

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Back link is one of the factor to be considered by Google for ranking, more than that site structure and content, traffic also important.

any one tell me what is the benefit of back links to get high page rank.

Hello Quality Inbound links for same industry's website is very much important in getting site listed on SERP. I don't tract on PR ranking. What matter is quality inbound links.

Google's algorithm is based on the concept that when other sites link to your webpage, that particular page probably has some good content and has something good to say since all these other sites think it's important enough to link to. Therefore, getting backlinks (links to your site) is very important in increasing your ranking in the search engine. Google pagerank is at the core of Google's algorithm: It is a numerical representation of not just how many links you have originating, and from how many different domains, but the quality of the links as well. Not all links are created equal: A link on the homepage of is worth more than a link on your family's photo album on the web.

Also Google never consider backlinks which you get from LinkFarm websites or any link building softwares. In fact there are chances that your blog might get banned from Google.

How many back links are required to get page rank high.

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